Social Activities and leisure interests are an important aspect of service user fulfilment. Belvidere aims to create a stimulating environment by offering a range of activities and leisure pursuits, both organised and impromptu. Group activities take place several times a week. These include movement to music and exercise, Karaoke, bingo, dominos and ball games. Musical events are arranged throughout the year and families and friends are welcome to join us at holidays and birthdays. We recognise the importance of anniversaries to service users and where the service user gives permission, will arrange a celebration and buy a present to mark the occasion.

Staff numbers permitting, service users will be encouraged to go on short outings to the local shops or to the Merry Hill Centre to shop for personal items or to have lunch or afternoon tea. During the summer, service users are encouraged to use our large garden. Picnics are arranged on an impromptu basis and various outdoor games are available for service users.

Our activities programme mostly reflects service user interests though some have been developed to encourage physical mobility and mental agility. No service user is forced to join in any activity.